Tuesday, 20 March 2012

No ifs or batts on the banned wagon

In the Sydney Morning Herald on 17 March 2012, by Tony Wright, national affairs editor of its sister publication The Age of Melbourne.  A relatively short opinion piece about the state of play with government schemes to promote better insulation of Australian homes.  Read it here.

The Age article is what passes for informed discussion these days, and I can hardly be bothered to think about it.  Except that it probably accurately mirrors the knee-jerk, poll driven, emotive, catchword foundations of much of what in turn passes for policy formulation in all levels of politics….and of that I need to be reminded sometimes.  

So what is the bottom line?  If I am kind, the journalist is saying that we can’t have an intelligent conversation about insulation or home energy efficiency, because in the wake of the infamous 'Pink Batts Fiasco', senior Labor Party hacks in our present federal government will panic at just hearing the word 'insulation'.

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