Thursday, 5 April 2012

Have they no shame?!?

Greenwash is getting out of hand.
From Building Product News recently:

Melbourne’s Automotive Centre of Excellence goes green

5 April 2012
The recently completed Automotive Centre of Excellence Stage 2, designed by architectural group Lyons, has been awarded a 5 star Green Star Education V1 rating.

OK, they may have tried a bit harder than was usual in the past.  But even based on their own claims, the best that can be said about this building is that it is 'less bad'.  The bottom line is that this is an overglazed, air conditioned building dedicated to car use.   

Green?  Just as well they didn't go so far as to call it sustainable.

Read the rest of the original article here.  I let you do the detective work on which 'Seven Sins of Greenwashing' the press release and other publicity commit.

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