Sunday, 8 June 2014

Alphabet buildings

Lots of architects name individual houses after the outline of the letter of the alphabet which their plans resemble.  Very occasionally a bigger building is so obviously related in form to a character or ideogram, that it becomes known by that name.

I suspect Infosys, India's third-largest  IT services company wirh a market capitalisation of $30.95 billion, may just have set a new benchmark. Located on the outskirts of Mysore in southern India, the company has built the world’s biggest training center with a capacity to hold 14000 trainees at any time. The dormitories spell out the company's name.

Who said architecture has to be serious all the time? Though for the definitive obsession, it's hard to beat young graphic designer Lander Janssens' (A to Z) typeview_00, An alphabet of letters found on GoogleMaps.

Unless you prefer this one by By Nelde on DeviantART.

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